Faculty Development in International Business

Partnering with other UH units and with consortia of CIBERs, the UH CIBER will bring to bear its expertise on Asia to provide a broad range of offerings to meet the needs of students and faculty at minority-serving institutions and two and four year colleges in Hawai’i, the western region, and major research institutions across the US.

Southeast Asia Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB)

Based on the success of past Vietnam FDIBs, the Wisconsin and Hawai’i CIBERs will continue to partner and expand the program to the rest of Southeast Asia. The 2011 and 2013 Vietnam FDIB will compare and contrast Hanoi with Ho Chi Minh City while the 2012 FDIB will visit Malaysia to learn about Islamic business. The 2014 program will go to either Thailand or the Philippines.

Globalizing Hawai'i's Native Hawaiian and Two and Four Year Institutions

This initiative will address the needs of the thirteen two and four year institutions in Hawai’i that serve a significant number of Native Hawaiian students. Participants from Hawai’i will share resources and ideas in an annual planning retreat and set an agenda to internationalize their faculty, curriculum, and students. Scholarships for faculty attendance at business language and FDIB programs will be offered to each institution, and technical assistance for capacity building through applications for BIE grants will be provided.

International Indigenous Entrepreneurship

The UH CIBER will collaborate with the University of Colorado CIBER to offer a new faculty development workshop in international and indigenous entrepreneurship. One version of the workshop will be specifically tailored to Native Hawaiian, Alaskan, and tribal community colleges and will integrate the technical training programs they offer with IB and indigenous entrepreneurship content. A second version of the workshop will be developed for four-year institutions and will address key approaches to teaching international entrepreneurship, how to teach international business from an entrepreneurial perspective, and strategies to internationalize the entrepreneurship course.

Western Regional Faculty Development Co-Sponsorship

The UH will co-sponsor this Faculty Development conference, which is held every two years at various locations in the Western US. The program serves faculty from two and four year institutions to increase the international business content in their programs and curricula. Special efforts will be made to recruit participants from Hispanic serving institutions in the western US.

Co-Sponsorship of FDIB to the Pearl River Delta with University of Colorado and India FDIB with University of Connecticut

The UH CIBER will continue to co-sponsor the China FDIB focusing on China’s Pearl River Delta and Shanghai; and the India FDIB, focusing on India’s outsourcing and manufacturing in the Delhi and Gurgaon areas.