Industry Outreach and Executive Development

The UH CIBER will focus on increasing Hawai’i and US exports by drawing on new and established networks to improve the international competitiveness of businesses in Hawai’i and throughout the US. Working with our industry and government partners, the UH CIBER will offer workshops, language training, and economic development initiatives to identify new opportunities for Hawai’i businesses to grow and prosper in the global economy.

Export Training Workshops for Service Providers and Businesses

The UH CIBER will work with HiTEN to develop export-related training programs to enable service providers to better serve their small business constituents. These workshops will then be converted into online versions that will be accessible to a greater number of businesses not only in Hawai'i but across the US. Firms that complete the export training programs will be given preference for MBA interns who will provide additional research and technical assistance.

International Business Outreach to Legal, Accounting, and Financial Service Providers with the Asia Pacific Institute for Business Law

Established in 2006 by the UH Richardson School of Law, the IAPBL seeks to become the premier academic center for research and training in the growing field of business law in Asia and the Pacific. The UH CIBER and IAPBL will partner with the Hawai'i Society of CPAs, the Hawai'i Bar Association, the Financial Executives International, and other industry groups, to provide seminars addressing cutting edge IB issues directly relating to these organizations, including International Financial Reporting Standards, international insolvency law, negotiation, and dispute resolution.

Early Market Understanding for Industry Cluster Development

The UH CIBER will work with Hawai’i Science & Technology Council (HiSciTech) to improve commercialization of dual use technologies by gathering early market information and providing expertise to improve the global competitiveness and export capabilities of its member firms.

The Pacific Asian Lecture Series and Paul Chung Memorial Lecture

PALS provides weekly lectures every summer featuring experts from Asia, Europe, Hawai'i, and the US to discuss a broad range of IB topics and entrepreneurial opportunities. The lectures are free and open to the public and widely attended by members of the business community. The annual Chung Lecture features a distinguished individual discussing an important IB topic and is attended by over 100 professionals and academics each year.

Executive Training for US Businesses and Veterans in the Asia Pacific Region

Working with US firms operating in the Asia Pacific Region, the UH CIBER will design a series of management training programs that will help them operate more competitively in the global marketplace. The UH CIBER will work with the US Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop training programs for US veterans and to connect them with American firms that need workers for their local and global operations.

Asia Pacific Homeland Security Summit Co-Sponsorship

The Summit serves as a strategic forum for the United States military, industry, and academia to share views on how best to prepare for and respond to the threat of terrorism, pandemics, and natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. The UH CIBER will co-sponsor the annual Summit, organized jointly by the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, the Hawai‘i National Guard, and the State of Hawai’i Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism. With co-sponsorship by other CIBERs, UH will also coordinate the fellows program in which students from CIBER schools across the US attend and are mentored by professionals at the Summit.