International Business Curriculum Development

International Business Curriculum Development

The UH offers a number of degrees with an international focus. The UH CIBER proposes to leverage the University’s and the College’s extensive networks in the Asia Pacific region to develop new IB curricula and enhance existing courses and programs to provide students with experiential learning opportunities abroad and with training to prepare them for the future opportunities and challenges in their chosen professions.

PAMI Summer Program

The PAMI Summer Certificate Program includes courses as well as lectures and short-term field studies abroad. The UH CIBER will extend the undergraduate curriculum offerings of the program beyond the UHM campus by supporting team-taught courses that will pair an expert international business professor from UH or a CIBER or PACIBER partner school with a business faculty member from a minority serving or two and four year institution. Courses will employ technology-enhanced learning to appeal to the diversity of learning styles and expand outreach beyond Hawai‘i.

Summer Internships for Export Development for US Firms

The UH CIBER will partner with the State of Hawai'i Hi-Tech Development Corporation (HTDC) and the US Department of Commerce-funded Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) to identify Hawai'i firms that are seriously prepared to develop export strategies. UH student interns will be assigned to work with management to develop and execute a formal export plan.

Asia Field Study, Microfinance Field Study in the Asia Pacific, and Study Abroad Courses

Since its inception over 26 years ago, the Asia Field Study Program has offered more than 500 students the opportunity to learn international business firsthand by being onsite in Asia. The UH CIBER will update this innovative six-credit course by adding new countries such as India and the Philippines, and new themes, such as doing business in Islamic Asia. The UH CIBER will also develop a new field study program focusing on sustainable development and ecotourism in 2013, and a field study program in microfinance for 2011 and 2012 in South and Southeast Asian countries and the Pacific Islands.

Support for International Activities and Events for UH Student Organizations

The UH CIBER and the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship will support the participation of student teams in case and business plan competitions in Asia, the US mainland, and Europe. The CIBER will also support student-organized campus activities that encourage students to study overseas, such as the “Passport to the World” event that was successfully piloted in fall 2009.

Undergraduate and MBA International Curriculum Development and Assessment of Learning Outcomes

The AACSB’s new accreditation standards place an even greater emphasis on student learning outcomes in a global context. The UH CIBER will continue to support updates and enhancements to the Shidler College curriculum and will draw on experts from partner schools in the CIBER and PACIBER networks to develop innovative ways to teach and assess student learning in intercultural competence.

Pacific Asian Affairs Council High School Global Vision Summit

The Pacific and Asian Affairs Council (PAAC) serves as the World Affairs Council for Hawai'i, and provides international education to more than 70,000 high school students through the High School Global Vision Summit. The UH CIBER will continue to co-sponsor this annual event and will provide faculty experts to work with high school students and teachers who participate in the program.

International Course in High School Senior Honors Diploma

The UH CIBER will work with UH East Asian studies and the State of Hawai'i Department of Education to develop opportunities for Hawai'i high school students to complete their senior project focusing on East Asia. These senior projects will consist of course work in language, Asian studies and/or international business at a UH campus. Plans are to include a summer study abroad opportunity.