International Business Research

International Business Research Initiatives

Productive engagement with the Asia Pacific region will be vital to America’s economic recovery. Mirroring the recent policy statements of President Barack Obama, the APEC, ASEAN and the United Nations, the UH CIBER will support research that will assist in restoring stability, integrity, and confidence in financial institutions and capital markets, and increase fair and open trade in the region. The UH CIBER will also support research projects to encourage innovative interdisciplinary projects and to prepare the next generation of students for careers in international business, science and technology, particularly careers focused on alternative energy and protecting the environment.

Restoring Stability and Integrity to Global Financial Markets

One of the keys to economic recovery lies in maintaining free and open trade while implementing cross-border regulatory systems and financial structures to facilitate capital flows. The UH CIBER will sponsor a number of research teams to address issues such as the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards and fair value accounting, improved risk management techniques for financial markets, corporate governance and regulatory reforms, and international tax policies to promote US competitiveness and sustainable development.

Interdisciplinary Research Initiative - Improving US Competitiveness

The UH CIBER will continue to fund interdisciplinary research projects between business faculty and colleagues in area studies, social and natural sciences, engineering, law and medicine. Each project must involve business and nonbusiness faculty, address issues relevant to US competitiveness, and should result in a conference paper, case study, or journal publication.

Undergraduate Student Research Initiatives

Working with the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, the UH CIBER will establish an IB track in the UH’s annual competition to support undergraduate research. The program will develop the ability of business students to conduct primary and secondary research in cross-cultural management, marketing, finance, and accounting, a useful skill for both their careers and graduate study. Development of Cases for Asia Pacific Businesses Working with university partners in the PACIBER consortium, the UH CIBER will develop Asia-based international business cases to help US firms, managers, and students learn how to better cope with the diversity of business environments of Asia.

Vietnam Research Center of Expertise

UH was one of the first universities to receive exchange students from Vietnam, led a federally-funded management education and faculty development program in Vietnam in 1998, and launched the Vietnam Executive MBA program in 2003. The UH CIBER will leverage the UH’s longstanding expertise in Southeast Asian studies, and our business knowledge and alumni networks in Vietnam to launch an innovative interdisciplinary research project to address US business opportunities in Vietnam.

Field Research, Research Conferences, Seminars, and Publications

UH CIBER-sponsored research will be disseminated through academic journals, professional publications, books, and conferences. The UH CIBER will also continue to co-sponsor the annual JIBS Conference on Emerging Research Frontiers in IB, and support participation of faculty and graduate students at international business conferences.