PALS: Centered Leadership and the Entrepreneurial Leader

Most young graduates start careers in business and other professions with the same level of intelligence, education, and commitment. Yet, why do some reach the upper echelons of their career goals and many do not? With this question in mind, Dr. Chen’s talk is designed to help us understand what drives and sustains successful leaders. This is aimed at helping younger leaders navigate the paths to leadership and, at the same time, to learn how organizations can get the best out of this talented, youthful, and driven-to succeed group. This new approach to leadership can help young graduates become more self-confident and effective business leaders.

Dr. Loretta Chen is a frequent speaker at global conferences on Performance, Arts, Media, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Loretta is also adjunct faculty in National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological Institute, Lasalle-College of the Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, University of Southern Maine and a Visiting Professor at University of Hawaiʻi. She was also the Artist in Residence at the University of Toronto. She is the best-selling author of Woman on Top: The Art of Smashing Stereotypes and Breaking All the Rules, published by Marshall Cavendish and is a frequent contributor to leading lifestyle and travel magazines.

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